Saturday, 12 August 2017

Huffpost UK: Solidarity With Gina Miller

Huffpost UK: Solidarity With Gina Miller

by Matt Carr

"Throughout this process, Miller insisted on the simple principle - which had until Brexit been taken as an axiomatic component of British democracy - that parliament should have a say in a crucial decision of such unprecedented national importance. For that she was mocked by the tabloids as the ‘millionaire Remainer’; condescended to by the ghastly Kwasi Kwarteng; subjected to a vicious hit-piece in the Daily Mail which described her as a fake and a self-publicist.

Naturally she has also been threatened with sexual violence and death, because for too many people in this country, it is unacceptable that an ‘uppity’ coloured women should stand in the way of ‘the will of the people’ and remind them that the country’s democratic institutions are supposed to act as a check on executive power. After all, as the racist aristocrat Rhodri Phillips put it, while offering £5,000 to anyone who would run Miller over, ‘If this is what we should expect from immigrants, send them back to their stinking jungles.’

So Miller has been threatened with gangrape, and lynching, and many other fantasies pulled from the most rancid sewers of white racism. She has been told that she should be beheaded and burned at the stake. And now she has been threatened with acid attacks, to the point when she and her family don’t dare go out onto the street, and she is considering leaving the country.

That is Miller’s reward for upholding the UK’s democratic institutions, and for showing more courage than the entire political class between them: she and her family must now choose whether to live under 24 hour security in a state of terror or leave the country. Too many people have been silent about this, perhaps because they don’t want to be associated with someone depicted by the Daily Mail as ‘the poster girl of Remain’."

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