Monday, 7 August 2017

Father Hunwicke joins the Putin apologist club

Fr Hunwicke's Mutual Enrichment: Trump and the Russkies

I am sorry to see Father Hunwicke joining the club of Catholics bedazzled by the old idea of Holy Russia and trying to persuade us that Putin and his crew are all decent chaps who we ought to be friends with really.

It's amazing how so many Catholics are willing to buy the idea of Russia as being this great Christian power on the evidence of the fact they don't like gay people and their president isn't embarrassed to be seen in church. We can just forget about the arsenal of weaponry they have leveled against our brethren in the Baltics and Poland, the destruction they are unleashing against Ukraine and the poor Sunni Muslims they have bombed in Syria.

There are signs of spiritual renewal in Russia, but it hasn't stopped the high rates of divorce and abortion there. The Russian Orthodox Church itself has plenty of problems with worldliness and corruption. Let's keep praying to Our Lady of Fatima for the conversion of Russia.

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