Saturday, 10 June 2017

I'm a Raging Mad Tory Right Now

Theresa May was supposed to win the election on Thursday. There was a pretty good chance she could have won an hundred seat landslide majority. But she didn't. She actually lost seats and she lost her majority in the House of Commons.

Did she lose against someone credible like Yvette Cooper or Chuka Umuna? Nope. She lost to Jeremy f****** Corbyn. Let that sink in for a minute. The prime minister and the leader of the Conservative Party couldn't win an election against a Marxist IRA sympathizer.

I'm angry about the fact that she lost, after fighting a really lousy, crumby campaign, but it's not just that. It's the way Theresa May behaved after the results had come in. She raced straight to Buckingham Palace to ask the queen to let her start a new government with a bit of help from those lovely people in the DUP. Then she comes back and makes what looks like a victory speech, as though she had won the wretched election. It was only later in the day, presumably after somebody had suggested it to her, that she apologised to all the poor Conservative MPs who had lost their seats and their jobs thanks to her bungling.

Everything Theresa May has done shows her to be an arrogant and shallow woman without a shred of humility or self-awareness. It's probably the wrong time to boot her out, but every single Tory in this country has a right to be absolutely furious with May.

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