Sunday, 25 June 2017

Crux: Spiritually speaking, ‘Ordinary Time’ is anything but

Crux: Spiritually speaking, ‘Ordinary Time’ is anything but

by Fr Jeffrey F. Kirby

"In approaching Ordinary Time in this way, some helpful spiritual lessons can be discerned from the season. As the Church slows its pace and returns to the public ministry and teachings of Jesus Christ, Christian believers (and people of good will) can see in this an invitation to slow the pace of their own lives, refocus attention on loved ones, evaluate personal convictions, and assess where their life is going and what changes they’d like to make.

Ordinary Time can serve as a welcome signpost along the path of our discipleship and of our lives. It can be an opportunity for us to put urgent things in check, so that they don’t dominate our existence, and a sacred time for us renew and cherish important things so that our lives can flourish and we can enrich the lives of others."

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