Saturday, 25 February 2017

Mary as Mother Earth

If we accept the premise of the Scotist view of incarnation, as held by Franciscan theology, then the universe was created for the purpose of Christ's coming. That means that the existence of Mary was a teleological goal of the universe, the central focus of its design. This makes Mary the very heart and soul of creation, for she is its summit. We might well draw an analogy between Mary, created to be the dwelling place of Christ and the universe, also created to be the dwelling place of Christ. In a very real sense, we may then say that Mary represents Mother Earth, all creation is summed up in her and through her, creation is brought to its eschatological goal in Christ. She is truly Queen of the Universe, queen of all creation.

I don't want to necessarily suggest that pagan associations of the Earth with motherhood have a source in divine revelation, but the association is strikingly true. Adam was drawn from the dust of the Earth, as Christ was born from the womb of Mary.

This helps us to see how Wisdom, the revelation of God's beauty and goodness manifested in creation is ultimately realized in Mary, who is Queen of the Universe and the sum of all creation in her position as the indwelt temple of God. The universe is created to become the Temple of God, when God shall be all in all. Likewise, the Blessed Virgin Mary is the temple of God, who was indwelt by the incarnate Lord of All.

Mary is truly Mother Earth.

This means that Christians should avoid reacting to the words 'Mother Earth' or launching into fundamentalist hysteria when people talk about ideas like the Gaia hypothesis. Such ideas may not be entirely correct in all they advocate, but they echoe the truth of the Sophianic motherhood of the Earth which is ultimately and spiritually realized in the Divine Motherhood of Mary.

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