Friday, 3 February 2017

Exciting Holiness

Exciting Holiness: Collects and Readings for the Festivals and Lesser Festivals of the Church of England, the Church of Ireland, the Scottish Episcopal Church and the Church of Wales, Fourth edition 2012 Canterbury Press

While we may prefer the Book of Common Prayer to Common Worship, the Church of England has produced some excellent liturgical resources in recent years. This one is published for use not only in the Church of England, but also in the Scottish Episcopal Church, the Church of Ireland and the Church of Wales.

This book provides readings and collects for communion for saint's days. The readings are all taken from Scripture. For extra-scriptural and patristic readings, one must get the companion volume, Celebrating the Saints. All the significant saints have a full set of propers, however, a commons is provided for less well known saints who do not have a proper in the book. Quite a few obscure saints are mentioned, though inevitably one will find that some of one's favorite saints are absent.

While Exciting Holiness is intended for use in communion, it could be combined with Daily Prayer or another breviary to create an Anglican office of readings. It's also quite interesting to just read what Scripture passages have been selected for the different saints. Some thoughtful choices.

I can't help feeling the title is not very inspired, wouldn't you agree?

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