Sunday, 6 November 2016

A Song for Brexit

In days of yore when old men were
Much younger than they are now
Their hearts and minds were of a different time
Life wasn't like it was now
There was a legend at this time
About a gang who ruled these parts
They robbed from the poor and gave to the rich
And thought they were very smart
They were called Ronny and his merry band
And that they were indeed
The lived high on the hog
They had no use for jobs
They were never in need
They'd sing and dance and fight and play
To show they were proud and bold
They wouldn't realize one day
That they could somehow get old
Jump Back, Jump Back
We must jump back to find
The life we once led it cannot be dead
We're men of a different time
So Ronny and his Merry Men
Ruled the land with an iron hand
Times had changed yet they remained
The same as when they had began
They couldn't return to the days of yore
Things were falling apart
You must move on life isn't a song
And you can't go back to the start

This was written in the 80s and satirizes Ronald Reagan, 'Ronny and his Merry Men,' yet when I hear it I can't help thinking of the Brexiteers, men like Jacob Rees-Mogg, Liam Fox and Nigel Farage.

These people fantazise about taking Britain back to some mythical golden age, when she had an empire and was a global free trading power. They simply refuse to accept that times have changed and will ruin this country with their nostalgic fantasies.

Just like 'Ronny and his merry band' in this song, the Brexiteer politicians like Fox and Rees-Mogg can live high on the hog because they will not be the ones who suffer the disastrous consequences of Brexit.

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