Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Hill: Euphemistic 'alt-right' can turn Party of Lincoln to Party of David Duke

The Hill: Euphemistic 'alt-right' can turn Party of Lincoln to Party of David Duke

by Evan McMullin

"However, the GOP’s long-standing pattern of failure to win minority votes suggests a problem. That white supremacists feel comfortable aligning with the party, while minorities do not suggests that the GOP as a whole is not sufficiently welcoming to racial diversity. One needs only to look at the mass selfie Vice President-elect Mike Pence took with the House Republicans last week.

Clearly enjoying their hard-fought triumph, the image conveyed a stark message to the country about homogeneity in the party’s leadership.

Some have argued that the Republicans’ sweeping victory of the House, Senate, and White House renders the support of minorities unimportant. Why bother when gerrymandering often creates less diverse, right-leaning districts where Republicans do not need to compete for minority votes? Why bother if it’s still possible to maintain Senate control and win the White House?

For starters, there’s the simple electoral analysis that warns against depending on Democrats to keep nominating candidates as unpopular as Hillary Clinton, while the white population in the U.S. shrinks relative to the surging minority population.

But the more compelling reason is simply that a more racially inclusive Republican Party is the right thing for the country. Only parties and leaders who embrace America’s diversity can offer the kind of unifying leadership our nation needs.

Welcoming minorities to the GOP will not require compromising conservative principles, but rather embracing them. It will require advancing criminal justice, immigration, education, and anti-poverty program reform."

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