Saturday, 29 October 2016

Sergius Bulgakov on Mary as Sophia

"But besides this we find another meaning attached to the veneration of Our Lady, insofar as it is directed to created Wisdom. She is created Wisdom, for she is creation glorified. In her is realized the purpose of creation, the complete penetration of the creature by Wisdom, the full accord of the created type with its prototype, its entire accomplishment. In her creation is completely irradiated by its prototype. In her God is already all in all. The limits to the penetration of the creation by Wisdom, involved in its freedom to develop, are entirely transcended in the "handmaid of the Lord," who is already worthy of the glory of heaven. Divine Wisdom shines forth in creaturely form in the complete holiness of her "who is more honourable than the cherubim, more glorious incomparably than the seraphim." For ontological holiness is at the same time fully realized Wisdom, wherein "wisdom is justified of her children" (Matt 11:19). In this aspect of Wisdom manifest in Our Lady it is precisely her creatureliness which appears to be essential, her created human nature, which was found worthy to be honoured with the bestowal of the Holy Ghost."

Sergius Bulgakov, Sophia:The Wisdom of God

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