Sunday, 23 October 2016

I resubscribed to the Churchman Journal

I recently resubscribed to the Churchman, the theological journal of the Church Society. The Church Society represents the conservative end of Evangelical Anglicanism, but their theological journal is very high quality and definitely worth reading. The Church Society has been a strong voice against compromise on the issue of human sexuality.

I first subscribed to the Churchman journal in 2007. It got me thinking about some issues of covenant and sacrament that challenged out of my free church Evangelical comfort zone. 2007 was an interesting year in my personal journey. At the start of the year, I had taken a two-month break from my PhD thesis in order to go on a mission trip with OMF to Japan. Experiencing a foreign culture was a great chance to do some maturing. After I came back I needed to do some research on the Oxford Movement as background for my PhD on John Nelson Darby. This got me interested in visiting Anglican churches to enjoy their art and architecture. I began to take an interest in Eastern Orthodox theology, which went hand in hand with reading a lot of Russian history. I was not ready at that time to start questioning my Evangelical theological assumptions, but I was increasingly feeling that I was alienated from grander and more ancient Christian traditions that I could not accept, yet which were scarily appealing.

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