Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Freedom Crossroads: Donald Trump is a Man Without Principle

Freedom Crossroads: Donald Trump is a Man Without Principle

by John Rust and Conrad Close

"Donald Trump has proven to be a man without principles. He has claimed to be the champion of the rich, poor, educated, poorly educated, man, woman, etc. Through his words, he has claimed many things about his character. Through his actions, he has proven himself to be unprincipled. He is not a man worthy of endorsement by Christians, Christian leaders, or certainly the Church.

No single election is so important that Christians should sacrifice their values for a short-term political victory. When you throw your support behind Donald Trump, you are tacitly endorsing everything he stands for. Christians will never have a candidate with which they agree completely on every single issue. However, this is not a matter of policy. It is a matter of principle. How can you declare that character matters when you support a man who has no morals or decency? How can you insist that the sanctity of marriage matters when you support a man who has been married three times and has openly bragged about adultery and sexual harassment? If you vote for Donald Trump, you trade your Christian witness and testimony for the price of one or two Supreme Court justices.

The Supreme Court may have an open seat, and perhaps will have another in coming years. Perhaps Christians can make the argument against giving certain candidates the opportunity to nominate new justices. Perhaps the argument can be made that Trump will nominate justices who are better. This argument is unsound. Why should Christians trust that Trump will nominate men or women of integrity to the Supreme Court, when his own integrity is missing? Even if he did nominate solid pro-life Justices, it is worth the price of our testimony and public witness?"

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