Saturday, 1 October 2016

CatholicMom: Why Pray Novenas?

CatholicMom: Why Pray Novenas?

by Patti Maguire Armstrong

The very first novena is recorded in the New Testament. It was the nine days of prayer by the Apostles and Blessed Mother from the time Jesus ascended into heaven until Pentecost Sunday—a very big answer indeed. Saints are not canonized until there have been two miracles directly connected to their intercession. Scripture tells us to pray for one another and that the prayers of the righteous are very powerful. So imploring a saint is asking someone very close to God to pray for our intention. Why not ask a saint, part of the great cloud of witnesses, (Heb 21:12) to pray on our behalf? I still talk to Jesus about it, but I enlist the help of those who loved him most while on earth and now in heaven.

I have found novenas to be really powerful in seeing prayers answered.

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