Sunday, 18 September 2016

United Politics: In defence of David Cameron

United Politics: In defence of David Cameron

by Bret Facey

"Finally, one of my main defences of Cameron are his reforms that essentially saved the Conservative Party. It is all too easy to forget the state of the Party in December 2005, still reeling from their third consecutive crushing defeat, barely chipping away at New Labour’s mammoth majority. They were a shambles. The simple fact was that prior to his leadership of the Party, it was old, ineffective, inefficient and useless. The Party was stuck to the “nasty party” label coined by Theresa May and still congested with aging politicians of the Thatcher era, who were out of step with the modern world.

While it did not sit well with the Party’s old guard, Cameron dragged the Conservatives out of the 1980s and into the 2000s kicking and screaming, tackling the “nasty party” image with the Big Society commitments and focusing on the NHS. It may not have pleased the ideological puritans, but now social justice and social mobility are front and centre in the Conservatives’ message.

But he did more than that. He changed the Party structurally, he made it fit to fight elections, an example of this being the difference in election strategies. The 2005 General Election slogan “Are you thinking what we’re thinking?” was dreadful. It appealed purely to our core vote and nothing else."

I remember just how miserable it was being a Conservative before Cameron, just waiting to get thrashed by Labour at the next election.

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