Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Puritan Hope, by Iain Murray

Iain H. Murray, The Puritan Hope: Revival and Interpretation of Prophecy, 1971 Banner of Truth, Edinburgh

This book demonstrates the importance of Postmillennial belief for the Puritan Christians of the 17th century. The Puritans believed that through the preaching of the Gospel, the Kingdom of God would be victorious over the whole Earth. Murray traces this belief from the original Puritans to the revivals of the 18th century and the birth of the Protestant missionary movement. Our author also looks at the decline of Postmillennialism with the rise of the Premillennial movement. While the Premillennial movement raised up plenty of missionaries with a zeal for Christ, Murray argues that with the loss of a vision for the Kingdom of God in this age, the Premillennial missionaries lacked enthusiasm for building such transformative institutions as schools and seminaries in their mission fields.

This is a very readable work of historical theology, though it does contain a lot of anti-Catholic sentiments.

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