Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Mad Monarchist: Fascism, fascism and Monarchy

The Mad Monarchist: Fascism, fascism and Monarchy

"The term “fascist” has been so-overused in modern political discourse that it has become something of a joke, an epithet that is hurled at an enemy rather than a serious accusation. Everyone has probably heard the quip that the modern definition of “fascist” is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal. Few really know what it means, it is simply another way of calling someone evil. The political left is mostly responsible for this, calling anyone who is not a communist a “fascist” but right-of-center liberals have also taken to it, conceding to the left that “fascism” is simply another word for absolute evil and instead arguing that the leftists are the “real” fascists. Referring to radical, Islamic terrorists as “Islamo-fascists” or Jonah Goldberg’s book, “Liberal Fascism” being but two examples of this. Add to this the fact that a standard fascist economic model, corporatism, has been appropriated and re-defined as synonymous with plutocracy and it is no wonder that there is a huge amount of ignorance and confusion on the subject of fascism. So, what is actual fascism and what sort of record does it have regarding traditional authority?"

A really great article on the relationship between Fascist ideology and monarchism.

I agree with the 'Mad Monarchist' that the word 'fascist' is overused and abused. I am personally really fed up of the comparisons between Trump and Mussolini. I actually think they flatter Trump. Mussolini was a far more intelligent man than Trump, and in my opinion, a more compassionate man. If there was a choice to vote between Trump and Mussolini, I would vote for Mussolini.

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