Sunday, 18 September 2016

Mary as Mediatrix in Sergius Bulgakov

"The meaning of the Mother of God in this respect is twofold: on the one hand as a human being she represents in herself the whole creaturely world, the whole human race, every human soul. With her and in her in heaven nature (natura naturata inseparably from natura naturans) remains and bears witness through her about itself, about its creaturly impotence and its hunger for divine existence. On the other hand, in her the whole creation prays to God with a prayer formed by the Holy Spirit himself "who intercedes for us with inexpressible sighs" (Romans 8:26) Every prayer of a weak and sinful human is powerless and limited in as much as it belongs to him, but when done in the Spirit and completed by the church it finds churchly wings which make it a prayer of the Church and raise it up to the very throne of God. Then, its might, power and authenticity bear no relation to its creaturely limitation any longer. But as much as it is a church prayer and in it there is something personal, by outstripping itself it grows into something universal, it becomes necessarily also the prayer of the Mother of God who according to the testimony of church hymns, prays without ceasing to her Son for all people and all things. None of our prayers, not only one directed immediately to her but one addressed directly to God, passes her by; rather, it becomes her own prayer, it is offered in and by her."

Sergius Bulgakov, The Burning Bush: The Orthodox Veneration of the Mother of God

Those words just inspire me with awe! Our prayers become the prayers of blessed Mary, Mother of God.

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