Sunday, 28 August 2016

Virgin Mary: The Titles of an Unique Woman, by Eliane Da Silva

This book takes a look at popular devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary in Brazil. Da Silva examines the place of Mary in the culture of Brazil, putting it in the context of both the Catholic faith and the political and economic struggles of the Brazilian people. There are some Liberation Theology concepts here, but there is nothing particularly objectionable. The author does quote Leonardo Boff quite a bit, a theologian who has had some odd ideas.

Da Silva presents a large selection of popular Marian hymns in the Brazilian language and uses them to explain the Marian faith of Brazilian Catholics. This is basic Mariology, but it is edifying. I am always encouraged to learn about the different ways that the Catholic faith is manifested in different cultures.

The author's first language is not English, so there are at times a few odd sentences and expressions.

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