Friday, 12 August 2016

Naturalis Historia| A Creation Museum Speaker Asks: Do Animals Evolve?

Naturalis Historia| A Creation Museum Speaker Asks: Do Animals Evolve?

"After showing how some traits can be selected for by natural selection Osborne proceeded to show multiple domestic dogs and say they are all still dogs. The implication was that we know that these domestic dogs were all created by selection on ancestral wolves and thus natural selection really does work and can change animals – within limits of course. But then he proceeds to show multiple canine and fox (vulpine) species. He equates the changes that made domestic dogs with how all of these species could have easily have been formed since departing Noah’s Ark.

Most of the audience won’t realize they have just experienced a bait-and-switch. Domesticated dog breed formation has been observed but none of these are new species. There are no eye-witness accounts of species of canines and foxes forming. To the contrary, there are fossils of most of the 30+ species of canines and foxes that are thousands and even hundreds of thousands of years old. For example, the red fox alone is found over much of the world and lives in hot, cold, wet and dry environments and fossils are even found in the Middle East. Consider too that the Bible describes a canine that was as much a red fox then and those that live there today. Why is the red fox still a red fox in all of these environments and over all of this time if rapid speciation is constantly occurring? Where is the evidence that canines have been speciating during human history?

Morphological, genetically and behaviorally there are significant differences between canine species. There are NO historical records which recount the origin of any of these species. Osborne makes fun of evolutionary theory for being a “faith-based” science but then says the Bible teaches speciation but there is no eye-witness evidence to support this claim."

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