Saturday, 27 August 2016

CapX: What is NATO doing to protect its Baltic frontier?

CapX: What is NATO doing to protect its Baltic frontier?

By Edward Hamilton Stubber

"NATO has had some success in developing its cyber security. The 2014 Industry Cyber Partnership, is an initiative that establishes cooperation between NATO and private companies of member countries on cyber-security collaboration. In addition, NATO’s 2016 Technical Agreement on Cyber Defence with the EU has provides a broad platform for information sharing on cyber-defence.
However, cyber security experts at the Tallin-based think tank and NATO training facility for cyber-attacks, the CCDCOE, believe NATO’s cyber security policy is weak. They believe that as well as cooperative agreements that aim to prevent attacks and share information, NATO needs to increase its digital military capabilities by develop a full range of quick offensive response strategies. They point to the recent hacks on the Democratic National Convention in the US, and that the lack of response by NATO will encourage further aggression."

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