Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Insight into the Blessed Virgin Mary, by Mark Ogujiuba

I do not know the author's nationality, but judging by his photograph and name, he must be an African. It is evident that English is not his first language. Like a lot of books available on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited, it is badly in need of better editing to address the spelling, grammar and typing errors. Nevertheless, I did find it an edifying read.

This is basically a broad introduction to Catholic mariology. The author explains the role of Mary in salvation, the Marian dogmas, her titles and some of the feasts. He spends a good deal of time writing about the apparitions at Fatima. I liked the fact that he made references to the material in the Protoevangelium of James to illustrate the early life of Mary. This is evidently the work of a man greatly devoted to Our Lady.

What would have made it a little more interesting would have been for the author to talk about devotional practices among Catholics in his own culture. Devotion to Our Lady in Ireland is different to devotion to Mary in the Philippines. It would have been very insightful to have had an African perspective on this.

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