Thursday, 16 June 2016

Catholic Herald: EU myth-makers should go to Confession

Catholic Herald: EU myth-makers should go to Confession

by Dr Therese Coffrey

"Yes, the EU has unelected bureaucrats just as we have the civil service, the Bank of England and so on. I would not want to elect them directly as I want the nation states to be the leading decision-makers, as they are today. As for migration, I know in East Anglia that I only see EU migrants coming to take up work when we have a shortage of skilled and unskilled labour – in our hospitals, on our building sites and in the fields. I also see EU migrants alongside me at church, praying in the pews together.

We still drink pints, bought with British pounds, drive on the left in miles and yards, and keep our safe three-pin plugs. We will still be Britain with our Queen, our Armed Forces and the pound, staying out of the passport-free, border-free eurozone so we can enforce our borders.

While the EU can at times be infuriating, do not imagine that if we left all our challenges would be solved overnight. Far from it. The more this campaign has gone on, the more I am clear that on balance families and businesses in the UK will be stronger, safer and better off if we vote to remain in a reformed EU."

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