Sunday, 27 August 2017

Peter Hitchens supports staying in the Single Market!

Mail Online| PETER HITCHENS: They squawk about Brexit... and miss the easy escape

"So to David Davis and Liam Fox and Philip Hammond, may I suggest what is known as the Norway Option? You are all blundering around as if you've never even heard of it. Yet it answers all major questions.

It does not require long years of detailed negotiation. We can lift it off the shelf, take it out of the box, and switch it on. It will work straight away.

It doesn't get us completely out of the clutches of the EU. We'd still have to pay some money every year (nothing like as much as now) and accept their regulations when we traded with them, which is reasonable. But we can, if we wish, govern ourselves in all other matters.

Remember, the vote to leave the EU was a narrow one. It was a clear vote to leave, but it was not a huge, overwhelming demand for some kind of wild triumphalist leap in the dark. 'In victory, magnanimity' is a good rule, set out by the Leave campaign's hero, Winston Churchill. It means that you treat your defeated opponents with courtesy and generosity, seeking to win them over to your position, not trampling on them."

It's a very nice surprise to find that Peter Hitchens supports the 'Norway Option' for Brexit. This is a remarkably reasonable article. While I like Hitchens' support for the King James Bible and the Book of Common Prayer, he does tend to come across as a bit of an obnoxious right-wing type at times. I had expected him to be a block-headed hard Brexiteer, but he is evidently more sensible than that.

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