Monday, 7 August 2017

National Review: The Ghost of Hillary Still Haunts Evangelicals

National Review: The Ghost of Hillary Still Haunts Evangelicals

by David French

"But now, six months into a dysfunctional presidency, it’s time for Evangelicals to come to their senses. It’s time to fully understand that Hillary is actually vanquished. There is absolutely no criticism of Trump that will cause her to parachute into the White House. Indeed, if the political crises grow increasingly grave, then the choice wouldn’t be Trump or Hillary but rather Trump or Pence. Moreover, withholding criticism of Trump’s bad acts enables his worst behavior. Holding firm behind him no matter his actions reinforces his own view that “his people” support him unconditionally. Given his erratic behavior, that’s dangerous for him to believe. He should understand his political limits."


  1. Sadly, there's still no reason to believe that Pence would be in any way preferable to Trump. On most issues (particularly on healthcare, jobs, social security, decent treatment of minorities) he would be no better than Trump, who has already bought in fully a radical plutocratic agenda.

    On those vanishingly few issues on which Trump actually does have decent instincts (as in, wanting better relations with Russia), Pence would be worse.

    1. In 2020, Pence's loyalty to Trump is likely to look very misplaced and a failing he can't escape.