Sunday, 27 August 2017

Militant Vegan Straight Edge Hardcore

I'm going through a phase of listening to a lot of militant vegan straight edge hardcore punk. A bit odd, because I love eating meat and drinking beer. I've been into straight edge hardcore since I was 17, admiring it's strong moral values. These more militant bands eschew the old school hardcore style of the more positive straight edge bands, going instead for a darker, more metal influenced sound, not far from death metal in some cases.

A lot of hardline vegan straight edgers are opposed to abortion, which makes them more consistent than those who support animal rights while supporting abortion.

In a sense, animal rights/ militant vegans have a lot in common with those of us who are pro-life, in that we both believe our society is guilty of perpetrating genocide on a mass scale. Both animal rights activists and pro-lifers have found that conventional political channels have availed little success and so have focused on direct action and protests.

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