Sunday, 6 August 2017

Collected Writings on Orthodox Christianity, by George Alexander

A while ago, I reviewed George Alexander's book on ecumenical relations between the Easter and Oriental Orthodox churches which proved an interesting read. Alexander belongs to the Indian Malankara Orthodox Church and so offers a rarely heard Indian Oriental Orthodox perspective.

This book is a miscellany of different writings. Included here are travel writings, most notably a list of great places for an Orthodox Christmas vacation, current affairs, for instance information about the incarceration of the Eritrean Orthodox patriarch, biographies of less well known Orthodox figures and some more thoughts on ecumenical issues. There is also an interesting defence of Christians practicing Yoga, which is interesting coming from an Indian Orthodox perspective. There are some historical essays, but they are all from the modern period of Orthodoxy. There are theological writings here; evidently theology is not Mr Alexander's charisma.

Catholic readers may be irritated by the habit of Alexander of taking a pot shot at the Catholic Church whenever he can. Readers may also be concerned by his pro-Putin and pro-Assad bias on the political front.

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