Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Father Ed's Blog: Christians need not apply

Father Ed's Blog: Christians need not apply

"This week the ugly face of modern British bigotry was exposed. And again the intolerance came, not from Christian quarters as we are led to believe, but was aimed squarely at them. How the media gunned for Tim Farron over his personal views on sex. He was hounded aggressively until cornered then given a clear ultimatum: publicly endorse the moral values of the sexual revolution/gay lobby or face the consequences and be damned.

The witch hunt was the more alarming given that Farron’s voting record proves he is no threat to LGBT causes. This was not about his being problematic but a test of his orthodoxy; when push came to shove would he side with the teaching of the faith, that sex has a procreative purpose and belongs in marriage, or concede to the secular consensus that sex is for gratification with no questions asked? The message is crystal clear; a luke warm faith that bends to secular will is, just about, acceptable but a strong Christian faith is now anathema and will not be tolerated."

It's a bit surreal that it's the leader of the Liberal Democrats who has been the victim of a LGBT witch hunt. What saddens me is that many Tories have joined with the LGBT thought police in using the issue to attack Farron. Conservatives ought to be respectful of religious convictions.

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