Friday, 14 April 2017

ConservativeHome: The triumph of the Cross

ConservativeHome: The triumph of the Cross

by Andrew Gimson

"In Europe, numbers of Christians are falling. In many other places, they are growing. Between 1960 and 2000, evangelical Protestantism grew at three times the world’s population rate, and twice as fast as Islam.

Pew expects Muslims to catch up with Christians in total numbers in the coming decades. But fertility rates between the two religions are converging.

China, which before 1949 had four million Christians, in 2010 had 67 million, a number which is growing at seven per cent a year. Africa, which had 8.7 million Christians in 1900, now has 390 million, a number which is expected to grow to 633 million in 2025.

South Korea, which was two per cent Christian in 1945, is now 29.3 per cent Christian.

And sizeable numbers of conversions from Islam to Christianity have taken place in many countries, including Morocco, Nigeria and Indonesia.

The story is one of vitality, not of enfeeblement and petering out. Nigeria contains perhaps 19 million Roman Catholics and 18 million Anglicans. In Iran, there are now between 100,000 and 500,000 Christians, most of whom are evangelical Protestants."

Christ defeated the power of Satan on the cross and is ascended to His Father's throne. He is the Lord of History and we can expect the Christian faith to grown and conquer everywhere.

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