Friday, 7 April 2017

Backbench: In defence of George Osborne

Backbench: In defence of George Osborne

by Megan McGowan

"George Osborne has never been the nation's sweetheart. For many, he is the ruthless budget-cutter of the Cameron years, a man entirely without empathy who delighted in harping on about his beloved ‘long-term economic plan’.

For liberal Conservatives such as myself, however, he is a bearer of hope.

The news that Osborne is to become Editor of the London Evening Standard inspired shock in both Westminster and beyond, but I find myself comparatively cheerful. The compassionate Conservative agenda came under threat the moment David Cameron resigned in July last year. By taking up the editor’s chair, Osborne now has a platform big enough and influential enough to lead the fight against an obviously imperfect government confused over Brexit and increasingly in thrall to its right-wing."

Great article on the importance of George Osborne providing a voice for moderate compassionate Conservatism.

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