Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Washington Post| Pence’s mission: Deliver four messages to Trump

The Washington Post| Pence’s mission: Deliver four messages to Trump

by Jennifer Rubin

"Second, Pence should implore Trump to hold down the number of appointees who are inflammatory, scandal-plagued campaign cronies. Stephen K. Bannon and retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn have used up his quota. What Trump needs are low-key, competent and widely respected figures — such as Pence! — to actually do the work and calm domestic and foreign allies. Trump would be wise to pick a foreign policy heavyweight (e.g. Mitt Romney, John Bolton, Sen. Bob Corker, retired Gen. David Petraeus) for State and a respected figure (e.g. former Sen. James M. Talent) to head up the Pentagon, someone who can reassure the generals Trump has insulted (and balance out the intemperate Flynn).

Third, Pence needs to get the president-elect — with a crane if that’s what it takes — out of Trump Tower and into Washington, D.C., where his new job is. Staying in his business office conveys skittishness (Trump has to be in his own bed each night?) and highlights the conflict of interest between his business interests and the presidency. Remaining holed up in his golden tower begins at some point to look weird, downright nutty, in fact.

Fourth, Pence should tell Trump and his minions to stop acting like Hispanics, Muslims, civil libertarians and others he demeaned have no reason to be worried. Of course they do. Trump can take ownership of his campaign comments, convey he is now serious about governance and pledge to protect all Americans’ Constitutional rights (not only the Second Amendment but the First, Fifth, 14th, etc.). His campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and the rest of his staff should never tell critics not to peacefully protest or vent their discontent."

The latest is that Mitt Romney is being considered for secretary of state. Looks like Trump might be getting at least one of these messages. If Mitt Romney is appointed, most of the world will breath a sigh of relief.

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