Friday, 18 November 2016

Catholic Herald: The 21st-century Habsburg mission

Catholic Herald: The 21st-century Habsburg mission

by Eduard Habsburg

"The Pope spoke to us about our great ancestor, Blessed Emperor Charles (whose relic we gave him as a present). He noted that Blessed Charles was, first and foremost, a family man. Francis encouraged us to help the world rediscover the value of family in our times. That’s a natural thing for us to do. Yours truly, for instance, is blessed with a lovely wife and six children – a far cry from the Holy Roman Empress Maria Theresia, who had 16, but still…

He also asked us to imitate Blessed Charles by helping to build our common home of Europe – something many of us do through our engagement in politics or, in my case, as a diplomat.

Pope Francis encouraged us in the many social activities that we perform, such as promoting peace (as one of our cousins is doing in South Sudan), feeding the poor (several cousins), reaching out to the periphery in everyday life and helping minorities (as the head of our family, Karl, does).

The Pope was very happy that there were priestly vocations in our clan – my brother Paul is the first priest in the family for almost 200 years, and there are others “on the road”, so to speak."

The world needs more Habsburgs.

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