Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Political Context

The Guardian: Suspect in MP killing described as quiet, polite and reserved

Two separate witnesses have described the gunman in the attack as shouting “Britain first” as he stabbed, shot and kicked Cox.

Graeme Howard, 38, who lives in nearby Bond Street, said the man shouted “Britain first” before shooting the MP.

He said: “He was shouting Britain first when he was doing it and being arrested.”

Meanwhile, another eyewitness, Clarke Rothwell, told the Examiner: “He was shouting what sounded like ‘Britain first, Britain first’ but then seemed to panic and hurried off.

“He seemed scared and hurried off towards Union Street, dumping a jacket on the floor. I got into my van and tried to follow him but I lost him.”

A name matching that of the alleged suspect also appears on an extremist website. It describes him as “one of the earliest subscribers and supporters of” a certain extremist publication which is alleged to be linked to white supremacy.Suspect in MP killing described as quiet, polite and reserved

I'm getting frustrated by the determination of some people to play down any political dimension to this horrific act of violence.

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