Sunday, 12 June 2016

InFacts: It’s the geopolitics, stupid

InFacts: It’s the geopolitics, stupid

by Anne Applebaum

"Outside Europe, we are on our own. The US is negotiating a free trade deal with the EU, and has no interest in a separate one with us. The Chinese like negotiating with weaker partners – but a country which steals intellectual property and commercial information will not uphold British notions of “rule of law” or “fair play” in trade.

Leaving the EU will strengthen protectionism and xenophobia on the continent. France’s Marine Le Pen – and radical parties in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, central Europe and even Germany – are eager for the EU and Nato to fall apart. Continental eurosceptics are not our allies. Free trade is a bulwark against the authoritarianism they want to build. They want to destroy the EU of markets and the rule of law.

Brexit helps them. The result would be a Europe from which Britain is excluded, with our views and values radically diminished. The world could end up less democratic, less law abiding and less free – while Britain could be less rich, less happy, and less powerful."

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