Thursday, 30 June 2016

Centrism: Wave of the Future, by Alex Van Allen

A manifesto for a Centrist political ideology. This is a rather odd book. The author rambles on quite a bit and repeats the same points over again quite a few times. He also goes off on a bit of a tangent half-way through, when he talks about his humanistic spiritual philosophy.

I think most people would associate Centrism with political moderation and parties like the British Liberal Democrats and the Spanish Citizens Party. The views of Alex Van Allen, however, are anything but moderate. If they were the program of an European political party, they would probably be identified as authoritarian far right anti-immigrant. At times he comes across as a bit of a Fascist. His obsession with population control and advocacy of euthanasia is rather scary. He is hostile to tradition religion.

At times our author's ideas are reminiscent of Donald Trump, while sounding more intellectual. I suppose one could say that Trump is a 'Centrist,' as he combines conservative rhetoric with a more moderate stance on economic issues.

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