Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Who is Lindsey Graham? by Tag Powell

Senator Lindsey Graham was a candidate in the current race (or is it past now?) for the Republican nomination, until he pulled out and gave his firm endorsement to Jeb Bush. This book provides a short, but interesting account of both his military and political career.

An interesting fact about Lindsey Graham is that after the death of his parents, he adopted his own 13 year old sister and devoted his life to her care. He never married or had children of his own. This is an example how this man built his life around an integral sense of duty.

Lindsey Graham is generally seen as a establishment conservative. He opposed the Tea Party movement, believing that it lacked a coherent vision for America. He is also generally seen as a foreign policy hawk. He believes that America has a vital place in the world and a responsibility to intervene where necessary, in order to protect the freedom-loving peoples of the world. I found in this book much about the man that was inspiring.

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