Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Guardian: There’s nothing a Brexiter loves more than a good conspiracy

The Guardian: There’s nothing a Brexiter loves more than a good conspiracy

by Nick Cohen

"What am I saying – “wrong”? The Brexiters can never concede that a bearer of unwelcome arguments is debating in good faith. They are not just wrong. Wrong is too weak a word. They are lying. They are corrupt. No critic, however outwardly pure, is free of a sickly compulsion to deceive us.

After the Institute for Fiscal Studies said leaving the EU would damage the public finances so badly it would extend austerity, Vote Leave did not attempt to dispute its figures. I have always found the institute to be the most fastidious organisation in British public life. But Vote Leave knew better. It could see through the mask of impartiality to the rottenness below. The IFS was the “paid-up propaganda arm of the European Commission”, engaged in a conspiracy to mislead the British people for the most base of motives.

The conspiracy it has joined includes so many, it is amazing that it has been able to work in secret for so long, The governor of the Bank of England is in on it. Mark Carney warned about a collapse in the pound and a fall in investment. His forebodings appeared reasonable. Britain is knitted into the EU. Leaving would require an unravelling of relationships in every area of economic, constitutional, diplomatic and cultural life. Questions from whether we will need visas to visit the continent to whether foreign firms would continue to invest demand urgent answers. But Vote Leave offers only threats and conspiracy theories."

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