Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Morning Star: Why I won't accept the Politics of Gender Identity

Morning Star: Why I won't accept the Politics of Gender Identity

by Jennifer Duncan

"But the politics of transgenderism that are sweeping North America right now are bringing along with them a multitude of problems for women and girls.

One of the issues for women is the loss of sex-segregated spaces, such as public bathrooms and changing rooms.

When bathroom use is based only on a subjective belief that one is a woman, this effectively allows men to claim a gender identity and enter women’s spaces any time they want to.

There are already many North American schools and recreation centres allowing males to enter female spaces because of their “gender identity,” and this is causing distress for women, who do not feel safe undressing in front of strange men.

In transgender politics, the physical anatomy of the body can be reinterpreted based on the subjective identity that one has — for example, a male body can be referred to as a female body if the man has a gender identity as a woman, and vice versa.

This is a problem for women and girls because our female biology makes us vulnerable to men, regardless of how we identify.

The fact that we are generally smaller, have less upper-body strength, and can become pregnant make us physically vulnerable, and we are also vulnerable socially due to widespread sexual abuse of women by men that is based on our female anatomy.

Seeing a man in a private, female-only space such as a locker room is uncomfortable for women, regardless of how strongly he feels about his gender identity."

The first time I have linked to an article in the Morning Star.

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