Monday, 9 May 2016

InFacts: Cameron is not scaremongering on security

InFacts: Cameron is not scaremongering on security

by Jack Schickler

David Cameron has made the security and foreign policy case for Britain’s EU membership, arguing that the EU “has helped reconcile countries which were at each others’ throats for decades”. Britain, he says, has a “fundamental national interest in maintaining common purpose in Europe.”

In response, Cameron’s critics have accused him of “wild scaremongering”, with the Daily Mail calling it an “extraordinary escalation of Project Fear”. Some paint Cameron as saying Brexit will lead to World War III: Eurosceptic campaigner Boris Johnson today said, “I don’t think the Prime Minister can seriously believe that leaving the EU would trigger war on the European continent”.

But such claims are a caricature of the Prime Minister’s position. Cameron would have been ill-advised to portray the EU as a guarantor of peace, or even as the main contributor to peace. But he is right to highlight the role that the bloc has played, and still plays, in maintaining stability on the continent, and managing external threats.

Most of the newspaper headlines today twisted Cameron's words to make him look silly. He was not predicting Armageddon or World War Three if we leave the EU. His point was that the world will not be a safer or more stable place should the UK leave the EU.

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