Sunday, 8 May 2016

A Prayer Book of Favorite Litanies

Father Alber J Hebert, SM, A Prayer Book of Favorite Litanies, 1985 TAN

A lot of prayer books contain litanies, but this one is full of them, more than you will have ever seen. There are litanies dedicated to the Lord Jesus, to His Blessed Mother, to a very wide selection of saints and litanies for specific intentions. A lot of them are marked as 'private use only' as they have not been approved for public use in Catholic Churches.

This is really comprehensive; there are no less than three litanies to the Holy Spirit, two litanies to Saint Michael and two different litanies to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. I was very pleased to see the Litany to Saint Philomena, who is rather neglected in modern Catholicism, though I was surprised by the absence of the Litany to Saint Catherine of Sienna. Like The Little Flower Prayer Book, also publised by TAN, this is in traditional language and unusually, for a Catholic publication, refers to the Holy Spirit as Holy Ghost.

This is a beautifully bound and very inspiring book.

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