Sunday, 3 April 2016

Washington Post| Obama’s Syria legacy: Horrific genocide

Washington Post| Obama’s Syria legacy: Horrific genocide

by Jennifer Rubin

"After four years of negligible action, bitter condemnation of critics urging him to do more and rejection of advice from many national security officials, the president has now changed his tune. Now, the Middle East is too messy, too incapable of resolution to be bothered with. “This falls in the category of something that I had been brooding on for some time,” he is quoted in a recent interview with Jeffrey Goldberg as saying with regard to his about-face on the red line. “I had come into office with the strong belief that the scope of executive power in national-security issues is very broad, but not limitless.” He says he is “proud” of that decision because he somehow defied the Washington “playbook.”

Actually, as he and his U.N. ambassador have acknowledged in the past, the “playbook” for decades has been to do nothing about genocide, to find excuses not to act. They have become what they have deplored — apologists for a policy of passivity that results in unimaginable human suffering, not to mention geopolitical defeat."

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