Thursday, 7 April 2016

Margaret Thatcher in The Spectator 1975-1990

This is a collection of articles about Margaret Thatcher, both before and after she became prime minister, which appeared in The Spectator magazine. With the exception of Germaine Greer's rant, they are all respectful, if not always complementary. The first article is an editorial, offering The Spectator's official endorsement of Margaret Thatcher as a candidate to lead the Conservative Party. An odd but revealing entry by Ian Dreary and Simon Wessely points out the interesting fact that many people who had lost their memory and could not recall their own names were well aware of the name Margaret Thatcher. That article explored why that might have been. An article by T.E. Utley argues that there was no such ideology as 'Thatcherism,' instead the beliefs and ideals of Thatcher were what Conservatives had always believed.

There is some really excellent journalistic commentary here. This gives a good insight into how the celebrated (and hated) prime minister was viewed in her own time.

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