Friday, 22 April 2016

InFacts: Migrants aren’t drain on NHS

InFacts: Migrants aren’t drain on NHS

by Luke Lythgoe

"Migrants, who are mostly young, use the NHS less than the ageing native population. They also pay into welfare and staff the health service. They are a boon not a burden.

Vote Leave says “uncontrolled EU immigration is putting a huge strain on our public services”. Newspapers such as the Daily Mail and Express are also quick to make the link between NHS woes and a “massive influx of EU migrants”.

But EU migration contributes to the NHS in two main ways. Firstly, EU nationals living and working in the UK pay more into the British welfare system than they take out. According to UCL research, between 2001 and 2011 EU nationals made a net contribution of £22.1 billion. Native Britons were a net drain to the tune of £624.1 billion.

Secondly, new NHS figures show 4.5% of its workforce is from EU countries. The figure is higher for professionally qualified clinical staff, with 6% of nurses and health visitors and nearly 9% of doctors coming from the EU."

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