Friday, 8 April 2016

InFacts: Farage shouldn’t crow about Ukraine vote

InFacts: Farage shouldn’t crow about Ukraine vote

"Nigel Farage seemed overjoyed at the recent Dutch referendum, in which voters said No to the EU’s proposed trade and political arrangements with Ukraine. Farage – who has previously urged Barack Obama not to intervene in other countries’ referendums – gave a speech in the Netherlands shortly before the vote, and cheered at the outcome. But, if Farage gets his way on Britain’s EU referendum, his cheering will seem witless. Where Ukraine is today, the UK could be tomorrow.

Farage and his fellow Eurosceptics like to say that we won’t have a problem getting a post-Brexit deal with the EU. The UK runs a trade deficit with the bloc, they point out. Germans would want a deal so that they can continue to export their cars to us; the French would want to sell us fancy clothes, and so on. This argument is not compelling. But even if it were, it assumes that post-Brexit negotiations will be settled based on a hard-headed economic assessment. The Dutch case shows that these questions are not always decided on the merits."

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