Friday, 8 April 2016

ConservativeHome: In defence of Ian Cameron

ConservativeHome: In defence of Ian Cameron

by Paul Goodman

"The Prime Minister has a fully-operating pair of politicians’ antennae, and will have known all this well when he became Leader of the Opposition. There is no evidence that Blairmore Holdings, the company set up by his father to manage money for clients, was involved in tax evasion. It seems simply to have acted as an offshore investment fund. But Cameron will have known that in the minds of the groups of people I describe, this in itself would have been seen as dubious if not immoral if not criminal – and that, worse from a Conservative leader’s point of view, the image of an Etonian-educated rich boy being part-funded from offshore would have been toxic in the eyes of these voters.

And so, he says, he sold the stake of £31,500 that he and his family had held for shortly before he became Prime Minister in 2010. Cue outrage from the Guardian, which itself has a long and distinguished history of avoiding tax, and various Labour MPs – who will surely, before too long has passed, see the media swivel its searchlights on the party’s own better-off Parliamentarians and donors to search out whether any of them have ever salted money away offshore, or benefited from members of their family doing so, or have backers who so do. Guido Fawkes is already at work: see his items on Hilary Benn, Art Malik and Sadiq Khan."

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