Monday, 28 March 2016

Neo-Neocon on Moderate Muslims

Neo-Neocon: On moderate Muslims and the concept of “religiosity” [Part I]

"There are many Muslims in this country who display no more “religiosity” than the secular Jew or the reform Jew who doesn’t keep kosher and hasn’t read the Tanakh, or those nominal Christians who don’t go to church regularly and even have some trouble with the doctrine of Christ’s divinity. Many of those Muslims are citizens who are as dedicated to the principles of the Constitution as the average Christian or Jew. Those who suggest that all Muslims must be deported need to take them into account without just stating that all Muslims are secret jihadis or that these “moderate” people aren’t really Muslims.

They exist. They are Muslims of one kind or other. They are citizens. You may think they are the eggs that must be broken to make some palatable omelets, but I don’t."

Unsurprisingly, this post is attracting plenty of daft comments from right-wing clowns.

I don't think I agree with Neo-Neocon that a consistent Moderate Islam is impossible or does not exist, but she rightly points out that there are Muslims who are moderate, regardless of whether their moderation is consistent with Islam. She acknowledges that to discriminate against these people, as the klown korps are advocating, would be plain wrong.

Neo-Neocon is somebody who repeats all those cliched anti-Islam arguments, yet she seems to be aware that Islamophobia can only lead somewhere ugly, whether that is deportations or internment camps. I just wish she would recognise the need to cool down the anti-Islam rhetoric and acknowledge that Islamophobia is a real problem.

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