Sunday, 27 March 2016

National Review: Cruz Must Be the Anti-Trump

National Review: Cruz Must Be the Anti-Trump

by Mona Charen

"There is one message that Cruz can emphasize from here on out that would not conflict with his established identity but might rally voters not otherwise inclined toward him — political decency. At every opportunity, he must stress that Trump’s virtually naked appeal to racial hatred (his footsie with the KKK being exhibit A), his encouragement of mob violence, his tolerance for actual violence against a woman by his campaign manager, and his frightening admiration for dictators of all stripes make him utterly unfit to be the standard bearer for the party of Lincoln. Though Cruz has made his name disparaging the Republican party, it now falls to him to defend its honor and that of the conservative movement against nativism, vulgarity, ignorance, and authoritarianism.

He must stress (as he has done in one or two debates) that being faithful to the Constitution doesn’t just mean appointing worthy justices to the Supreme Court — as crucial as that is — but also respecting constitutional limits on government power, especially executive power. And he must emphasize that in a world made far more dangerous by the intentional weakening of the United States under Barack Obama, an erratic, ignorant, and unstable commander-in-chief represents an unacceptable danger to the nation and the world."

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