Tuesday, 29 March 2016

BBC News: Leaving EU 'devastating for young', says Nicky Morgan

BBC News: Leaving EU 'devastating for young', says Nicky Morgan

A vote to leave the European Union could have a devastating impact on the life chances of young people, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan is to say.

Entering the debate over EU membership, she will urge parents and grandparents to think how their vote will affect opportunities for the next generation.

She is also urging young people to make sure they vote in June's referendum.

The Vote Leave campaign said the EU had been bad for young people, with a generation on the continent unemployed.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast ahead of a speech at the Fashion Retail Academy in London, Mrs Morgan said companies were already suspending hiring decisions as they waited to see the outcome of the vote on 23 June.

"As we saw from the recession that we've just been through, the people who suffer most are the youngest. Those who are trying to get into jobs and careers will suffer if companies and organisations are not hiring," she said.

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