Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The Washington Post: What right-wing commentators got wrong

The Washington Post: What right-wing commentators got wrong

by Jennifer Rubin

"The right-wing media bubble — including talk radio hosts and cable TV talking heads — haa done much to contribute to Donald Trump’s rise. And I don’t just mean obsequious Sean Hannity interviews or talk radio cheerleading of Trump last year. (That would be reason enough to conclude these entertainers are injurious to the conservative movement.) No, they’ve been telling us for years that the sine qua non of conservatism is opposition to immigration. (It’s ridiculous on its face, since robust immigration and free trade are the essence of free-market economics, but it is too much to demand intellectual honesty from these voices.)

In fact, these xenophobic voices are loud but in no way represent the concerns of Republicans. Exit polls in early contests have shown again and again that immigration ranks far below the economy and national security in importance. In South Carolina, only 10 percent said immigration was the top issue; the economy, national security and government spending ranked in the high 20s to low 30s. In New Hampshire, immigration was named as the top issue for 15 percent; the other issues were named by between 24 and 33 percent. In Iowa, those numbers were 13 percent and 25 percent to 32 percent, respectively."

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