Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Telegraph: Expats are being frozen out on Europe

The Telegraph: Expats are being frozen out on Europe

by Alex Taylor

If Britain does withdraw from the EU, two million of us will be stranded and no longer have equal rights as the citizens of the countries we live in – overnight. Other EU countries are not going to grant hundreds of thousands of us nationality. We are UK citizens and yet very proud to be Europeans, our lives having been greatly enhanced through free movement. All of a sudden it seems more than likely that we will lose a lot of our rights, and find ourselves in a legislative limbo. It would be nice if someone would mention us!

I doubt we will see a mass deportation of British expatriates from European countries, but Brexit could have an impact on their access to pensions and healthcare. Furthermore, the option of moving to France or Spain could get restricted for those considering it in the future.

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