Friday, 26 February 2016

ConservativeHome: Why Corbyn would be wrong to abandon Trident

ConservativeHome: Why Corbyn would be wrong to abandon Trident

by Philip Dunne

"First, it is about realism. We all desire a world free from nuclear weapons. But unilateral disarmament does not mean a safer world.

We’ve reduced our nuclear forces by well over half since the height of the Cold War. By the mid-2020s, we’ll have reduced our stockpile to no more than 180 warheads.

Yet despite our honourable intentions, a resurgent Russia repeatedly rattles its nuclear sabre while North Korea already this year exploded a bomb and fired a ballistic missile in defiance of the international community.

And the dangers we’re facing are growing in complexity, diversity and scale. We can’t predict the threats of next week, let alone what will happen in the 2030s, the 2040s and the 2050s. Disarming now would be a reckless gamble with our national security that would play into the hands of our enemies.

My second point is that the deterrent works. It wasn’t designed to stop Daesh atrocities but to prevent nuclear blackmail and major war. Well, we haven’t had a major conflict in 70 years, nor has a single country under the nuclear umbrella been invaded."

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