Thursday, 28 January 2016

Tampa Bay Times| Editorial: Jeb Bush is best choice for Republican nomination

Tampa Bay Times| Editorial: Jeb Bush is best choice for Republican nomination

"Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida is the most polished orator in the Republican field, and he has a compelling personal story. But there is nothing in his record to indicate he is prepared to be president. He was an undistinguished state legislator who rose to Florida House speaker on his charm and surfed the 2010 tea party wave into the U.S. Senate. He quickly grew uninterested in that office, and when the political winds shifted he abandoned his biggest legislative priority, comprehensive immigration reform. Rubio is a likeable opportunist with a persuasive sales pitch but a thin record of accomplishment.

Bush badly miscalculated that he could become the presumptive Republican nominee by raising so much money last year, and his campaign skills were rusty. But Trump's snide attacks about Bush's lack of energy were never accurate. It has been Bush who has best challenged Trump for his ridiculous talk of banning Muslims from entering this country and for suggesting a 45 percent tariff on Chinese goods that would ignite a trade war.

This is a pivotal moment for the Republican Party, which has to broaden its message and its appeal to women and minorities to ensure its long-term future. Bush has the best potential to connect with the voters in a general election and take the nation forward rather than backward. For the Republican nomination for president, the Tampa Bay Times recommends Jeb Bush."

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